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Chloe’s favorite blogs/people: joshhutchersonordie (Livvy)

Okay, first off. Livvy is fucking amazing. She’s perfect in every way and I just love her. We started off as me fangirling over her because her blog is perfect. I sent her a message like “omg i admire your use of swearing” because well we both do that quite a bit. Then she followed me and I was like bby let me love you down oh my god jizz in my pants. We started talking more and I just love her because she loves Twilight like me and also duh The Hunger Games. She sent me this message once and I almost cried. Because well duh, her accent and I just love her too okay. She’s also reading Divergent which makes her a kool kat. Anywho she has one of the best J Hutch blogs ever and you should all follow her.

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